The real innovation in the field of disinfection of ambulances and special vehicles is represented by the use of the most powerful natural disinfectant which is produced by a compact and technologic system to be installed on board: SANIOZON.


WHAT IT IS ABOUT       SANIOZON is part of a product line of ozonators for installation provided with everything needed in order to guarantee a strong disinfection of ambulances and special vehicles.

WHO IT IS AIMED AT       SANIOZON is a product aimed at builders, installers and fitters of ambulances but also to whoever uses this kind of vehicles. It can be installed during every construction phase of the ambulance.

ITS PRINCIPLE OF EFFECTIVENESS   SANIOZON, even with its contained dimensions, is able to produce the right amount of Ozone so as to remove odours, bacteria, viruses, mites and microbiological agents. Being a gas, the action of Ozone arrives everywhere: even in those areas which are hardly reachable with ordinary cleaning.         

BASICS ABOUT OZONE       Ozone (O₃) is a pungent gas with a high oxidizing power. Thanks to this peculiarity, Ozone is considered the strongest disinfectant occurring in nature, able to quickly eliminate odours and microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold, germs, etc. Because of its short life, it cannot be stored in tanks but it must be produced on site. Ozone, in fact, is created by special generators using Oxygen present in the air. Therefore, it needs neither filters nor refills.

Ozone is an eco-frinedly product because it does not release any chemical residues in the environment: once its oxidizing action is finished, Ozone simply converts back into Oxygen (O₂).

Given the many benefits it offers, Ozone is increasingly used as a garrison for the sanitization of air and water, especially in healthcare and hospital environment.

Solid, automatic, easily programmable and equipped with safety alarms, SANIOZON is suitable even for unexperienced people. Short treatments guarantee a deep sanitation of the sanitary compartment, without necessarily go back with the vehicle to the operations centre or stopping the vehicle.
Its microelectronics allows an installation on the ceiling of the vehicle or in a high position without cluttering space on board for the activities of the staff.
The disinfection cycle (about 25 minutes) can be interrupted whenever you like and consequently get back in the vehicle, because Ozone does not leave any harmful by-products.


The following are the results of a test carried out on board an ambulance before and after the treatment with Ozone.


INSTALLATION       Saniozon is a system extremely easy-to-install and use. Using the technical template, a recess must be realized in a high position within the sanitary compartment of the vehicle. Afterward, the system must be connected to the power supply of the ambulance and fixed with suitable screws. At this point, Saniozon is ready to be used.